The climbing committee

Hey folks, we are KlimOp. We are the climbing committee of MaasSAC and in this little bit you get to know who we are, what we do, when we do it and why we are the most important committee within MaasSAC (according to ourselves).

KlimOp’s main responsibility are the IV-courses and the OV-course. Besides that, we are responsible for the Les Calanques trip made in the carnival break. We are the first line for everything climbing related for all members of MaasSAC. To make sure all of this goes well, we have 2 meetings a month on average. During these meetings we cook and eat dinner together and afterwards we discuss and decide what is important for future or past events. But besides the serious meetings, we also tend to have fun. Even outside official KlimOp duties we meet up and hang out, play games, eat together, hang together and just have an all-around great time. We laugh a lot together in both serious and fun meetings.

We are very active and involved within MaasSAC and most members will get in contact with us through either one of the many activities we set up each year or any of the other activities made possible by the other committees.

If you ever feel the need to talk to us you can just approach any of us when you see us at Ivy, Radium or just in Maastricht.

Much love from KlimOp


The bouldering committee

Once upon a time, in a magical fairy forest there lived a mother deer with her deer baby… I don’t actually know how the story goes but I think it has a relatively sad start so I will stop here and inform you all that though it might seem so at first glance, we did not name our bouldering committee after
a Disney movie. In fact, BAMBI stands for Bouldering Activates MaasSAC Beyond Infinity* and we are MaasSAC’s youngest committee – barely older than a year! We were born out of the exponential rise in popularity of bouldering as an actual sport and not just a form of training for outdoor climbing and are in charge of everything bouldering related. We organise our bi-yearly trips to Fontainebleau, weekend day trips to outdoor boulder areas such as Ruhrtal and the Aachen Campus bouldering gym when the weather is bad, as well as the odd social event or fun bouldering challenge. This year, for the first time, we also had a bouldering trip running parallel to the yearly carnival week climbing expedition to the Calanques in southern France. We are always on the look-out for interested and enthusiastic new members, so don’t hesitate to contact us if you’d like to join! Our meetings are generally lots of fun and yet still somehow productive.

*There is also a second meaning to the name, but that knowledge remains the privilege of only the selected few BAMBI members themselves

PR Committee

All things social media and promotional merchandise


– Website Management

– Adrenaline Newsletter

– Designing and organising merchandise for the association

– Management of Social Media Accounts


The alpine committee

“Gusts of wind, fresh nature smell, blinding snow, wild and remote environment. As we go higher, your heart starts pounding with every step with a slight shortness of breath due to the elevating altitude.
It’s 09:00, it’s been 4 hours since the start of the day. The sun rises higher in the sky and the clouds fly by. It’s one of those days were everything falls into place, the weather, the route, a good physical condition and your partner in crime. It’s a summit day.

At 10:15 you finally hit the glacier. You gear up with your rope, put on your crampons and take out your ice axe. You try to wind your way through the labyrinth of crevasses. These mystical cracks in the ice, ranging from beautiful bright turquoise to a deep dark blue, stare at you as you walk next to them. Although beautiful, you know how dangerous they are. One false step and it could as well be your last. You quickly decide to move on and continue your journey through the lands of giants.

The wind starts to pick up taking some fresh snow of the last night with it. The reflecting crystals disapear into the distance. You put an extra layer on as well as your gloves, although full summer, at 4’000 metres, temperatures are freezing. The peak rises above you. A solid hour to go with a techinical 55 degree ice left. Your ice axe sinks in the slope, no blank ice. The sike rises as your friend and you realize the last bit to the top has started. Soon you will be rewarded with beautiful views.

At 12:30 you stand on the summit. Breathing heavy from the technical, tired yet fulfilled. The only people on the summit are your friend and yourself. Whilst congratulating your partner on the clinb, you gaze into the distance at lands which you haven’t traveled and admiring new peaks in the distace. You feel exilarated yet also vulnerable, realizing how small you are on the scale of mountains. After a short break, you say: “shall we?” The project is only half done.

Some 6 hours later you safely get back to the hut. The day is over. Spent and exausted, you enjoy the setting sun and stare at your achievement. Moments later your friend comes and shows you an other route. A beautiful line up this tight couloir and the mountain adjacent to it. You look at him and smile: “soon, very soon” and close the boom the admire the coulored setting sun whilst eating some warm food.”

The AlpenCie is the committee that enjoys nothing more than being the alpine environment. Whether raised alpinist or new to the sport, feel welcome to join if the wilderness is what motivates you to go out!


The social committee

“Zinderende Activiteiten Kommissie” or Social Activities Committee

If you like bringing people together, then this committe is for you! Especially during these difficult times it is important to support each other, get together, socialise and have fun. Help the MaasSAC family to create an even stronger bond by organising fun events with ZAK. 

From board game nights to the famous “survival of the tipsiest” (yes, you probably guessed correctly what the purpose of this event was), we have something for everyone.

Of course, at the moment we have to take extra safety measures but we are working hard on putting the next great event together!


The Materials Committee

Did you ever wonder how to check if you can still use your harness or your carabiner to be save? How long can I keep it? Can I clean it and how?

Would you like to be more included in the process of the discussion:
What we could buy? What material would be beneficial for our climbing experience on the trips?

Do you not have a specific idea but just want to have fun and contribute with little effort to MaasSAC?

Then think about joining the coolest committee: The GearGang !