Maastrichtse Studenten Alpen Club or MaasSAC for short, is the SAC (student climbing association) of Maastricht. The association was founded on the 18th of May 1984 by Wendeline Elzinga, Hansje Vonk, Tanja Merkelbach, Josephine de Zwaan, Bert Schilte and has grown in the recent years to almost 150 members. We are a close-knit group of outdoor enthusiasts, who like to climb, hike and make the most out of our student life. Whether you like alpinism, bouldering or rockclimbing, MaasSAC does it all. Even our student association is bound to a few traditions. Our anthem hasn’t changed much and so is in Dutch. We highly recommend for our international members to learn it by heart as well! 😀 The lyrics are written on the melody of a famous Dutch song:  ‘t dondert en ´t bliksemt by Guus Meeuwis.


MaasSAC’s Anthem

We klimmen en we hakken

De MaasSAC gaat aan kop 

We kletteren en boulderen tot boven aan de top

Om de gladste plaat te flashen met de zon in onze nek 

De bergen overwinnen we, 

Want MaasSAC is te gek! 

laalaaaaa lalalalalala

laalaaaaa lalalalalala